Sunday, September 26, 2010

Doctor Nikki

A few minutes ago I just put in my first NG tube.  Earlier this week, Amy taught me how to do this and I have been waiting for my chance to do it on my own.  When I saw Amy put one in the first week I was here, I was shocked by the process and even said that I hoped I never had to do this.  Tonight when she asked me if I wanted to put it in I got really excited and ran over to do it!  Surprisingly it was way easier than what it looks like.  This is a good skill for me to have that way if Amy is ever gone and a child needs one I can put it in.

For those of you who don't have any idea what placing an NG tube entails I will explain.  I know I had no idea of what this was 3.5 months ago!

-The first thing you do, which is most important in Amy's book is wash your hands since the tube will be going into his stomach.

-Then you measure the tube by placing the end at their nostril, wrapping it around their ear, and bringing it down to the xiphoid process (the triangle part in between your ribs) and mark it with a sharpie so that you know how far to put it in.

-Third, you rub the end in a little bit of lubricant to make it go down easier.  You then push it in until the mark you made is at the end of the nostril

-Fourth you use a 60ml syringe and suction out to make sure that you get stomach contents.  This ensures that it is in the stomach and not else where.

-Fifth is taping it to the child's face, which was the trickiest part.

-Sixth you use the stethoscope to listen to their stomach as you push 5mls of air in the tube to once again ensure that it is in the stomach.

-Last you feed them!

Amy also walked me through the process of giving shots earlier this week.  I was supposed to give one the night after she taught me, but the child was done with her antibiotics.  I'll have to wait until the next time one of our children needs shots!!  I mean I am completely qualified to do these things based on the fact that I have zero nursing education!  At least I have a good teacher!!

Off to help Amy put an IV in.  No I won't be doing it, just holding the child!!

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