Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Happiest Man in LaGossette

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who donated money to help Rikens buy his first Moto!  We were once again over whelmed with the generosity of our friends and family.  You all came together and gave a little to help out someone who you didn't even know (well one of you knew him).  No matter the size of your donation, you made a big difference in not only Rikens life, but the life of his family, and the life of his driver.  The man who drives Rikens moto didn't have a job prior to this, but now he has some income to help support himself and his family.  Rikens was so excited to have his own moto that he really didn't want to turn it into a taxi, but knew he had to.  He kept it for 3 days before giving it to his driver, and rode it to work everyday.  I mean why walk the 100 yards to work if you can ride a moto?  There have been a few times since he got it that we have asked him to call his driver to take our nannies somewhere and some other moto driver would show up.  Finally we asked him why he does n't have his guy come on these days and he told us it's because his driver is too busy to come!  We were glad to hear that because it means that Rikens is coming closer to building his house every day!  Rikens has asked us several times to thank all of you for him!  So from Rikens, Thank you!!
Yes they did plan on matching that day, just kidding!


  1. Karsten Short here I just want to say that that is awesome, and it shows me that people in the world do have a heart still in them to do something like this. I sure hope Rikens is happy with the moto, and this shows true character and compassion for the people who donated money to someone they may not even know, if I had known about this I would’ve done the same thing. Now if I had my friends do this for me, I believe I would be lost for words, and overjoyed with happiness.

  2. The Happiest Man in LaGossette is a really intresting story how all of your family help him gat the moto.

  3. I am very glad that you were able to help Rikens afford a motorcycle for his work, and help to support his family. This is indeed an inspiring story, and has a direct impact on the situation in Haiti. I hope all your efforts in Haiti and elsewhere go well.

    -Victor Slavick