Sunday, May 22, 2011

First Step

Eventz has been almost walking for about 3 months now.  See he's kind of a stubborn kid and doesn't like to even try things until he knows he can master them.  For instance when I was trying to teach him how to eat snacks, he would just look at the cheerios on his tray and have absolutely nothing to do with them.  Then all the sudden, one day out of the blue he just picked them up and started eating them as if he had been doing it for months.  He didn't have any trouble with it at all.

In the same way Eventz has REFUSED to stand unassisted.  Any time I would try, or he would even think I was going to try to let go of him, he would bend his knees and sit right down.  He could stand up and push his toys, or our kitchen chairs (which the people below us enjoy listening to all day everyday) all around the house without any problem.  He can even hold on to our hands and walk with out it phasing him.  But standing on his own, no way Jose, he was NOT going to have anything to do with that.

I've been saying for the past three months that he probably wouldn't have anything to do with walking, and then all of the sudden would just do it instantly.

Well yesterday we had two of his friends up for a private pool day on our balcony and both of his friends were standing up.  This made Eventz really excited and he felt the desire to stand as well.  He bounced around a lot and tried to stand up next to them, but just couldn't get it.  After pool day the three kids were playing in our house and when I tried to get Eventz to stand on his own, he did it!  The past day and a half Eventz has been standing for longer and longer periods of time all on his own.  And this afternoon he took his first step!  I mean seriously, he went from not even standing to taking a step in a matter of a few hours.  I bet within a week he is walking some what comfortably.

And then my work really begins!  The kid is already all over the place.  When we are down stairs under the mango tree he constantly crawls everywhere, over to our staircase, over to the staircase of the other building, over to the baby house, inside the pharmacy, etc.  He doesn't stay put.  I can't even imagine how much faster he'll be when he can walk.

My Baby is growing up too fast!

He can now say the word Uh-oh, which he finds a way to incorporate into our day, oh I don't know, probably about 200 times a day.  No joke he says it all the time.  It's ADORABLE!

And he gives THE BEST HUGS IN THE WORLD!  He has done it for several months now, but he wraps his tiny little arms around our necks, leans his head against our shoulder, and squeezes us.  Sometimes he sits up, looks us in the eyes, and then pulls us back into him for a hug.  Other times when we are on the ground playing with him he will come over and lay his head right in our lap.  Or at night when we are getting ready for bed, he will come over and lay his head right on top of my head for a long time.  I just love these moments!

Eventz is all boy.  Any time he hears a tractor, power tool, moto, etc, he turns to look at it.  He always tries to crawl UP the slides, and only likes to go down it on his belly.  He loves the water more than any kid I know and could play in it all day if Mom would let him!  Eventz is a HUGE daddy's boy and always wants Nick whenever he sees or hears him and gets upset if Nick leaves the house.

He eats an incredible amount of food and now weighs 19 lbs 15.2 oz!  He's huge and growing everyday.  Eventz is currently sporting a nice little afro which I love.  He's got great hair.  Seriously, I have had several random Haitian men that I don't even know tell me how much they like their hair.  It's so soft and adorable!

Earlier this week Eventz had his first bilingual moment which really excited me.  Eventz has been waving for a while, but as we were getting ready to leave the baby house one day I said "di orevwa" (say goodbye) and he started waving to all the nannies.  I have never asked him to do this in Creole before and I normally say it in English, but he knew what I was saying!  It made me really happy and all the nannies loved it as well!

On Monday Eventz biological parents are coming to officailly regive up their rights to him.  They did this once last summer after he was admitted, but the wrong birthdate was written for Eventz, so it has to be redone.  That's the trouble with my son having two birthdates, makes things confusing.  Luckily as far as I know he is the only one of our children with two birthdates, so hopefully no one else will have this problem!  I'm really excited for my son to actually be up for adoption!

Anyways check out this adorable video of Eventz!  He's such a blessing to our lives and we are so excited to get to be his parents!

Untitled from Nick Stolberg on Vimeo.

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