Monday, May 23, 2011

He's Walking

Eventz officially started walking today!!

I was cleaning up the house when all of a sudden I noticed Eventz was standing up by himself.  I called him over to me and he took 6 steps!  It about broke my heart.  I was so excited that I grabbed him up real quick, ran out to the balcony and yelled at Nick to tell him the news.  Nick came upstairs and Eventz took 9 steps towards him!  We were both so excited and glad we were there.  I had this horrible feeling, that I'm sure most Mom's have, that he would begin walking when he was with his nanny or something.  But he didn't and we got to see it!

I don't know how the kid went from refusing to stand unassisted to taking 9 steps 2 days later, but he did it!  I knew he wouldn't try until he could master it, and that is exactly what he did!

Eventz also did something new during dinner tonight.  As he sat in his high chair, he burped and then said "uh oh," and then burped again and said "uh oh," and then did it a third time!   I have no idea where he learned this from, but it was pretty funny!  He's such an ornery little guy!!

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