Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Permis de Sejour Part 3

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Well the drama regarding our Permanent Residency card continues.  After our trip to Port au Prince in phase two, we were supposed to get one piece of paper in order to finish the last little part of our application.  We had tried several times to get to the bank to add my name to Nicks Haitian account, but it never worked out.  Going into town is often an all day event and we would have had to have someone to watch Eventz.  Each time we had it planned, something came up.  This is normal here.

Rony, our adoption worker called Nick on Monday and said that our application expired that day and that our paper had to be submitted or we would have to start all over!  Yup, some how we were expected to go into the bank, add me to the account, get the piece of paper saying that I was added, give it to Rony who would ship it to Port, where one of our workers there would pick it up and hand it off to the guy who is helping us with our process so that he could take it to the immigration office and add it to our application, all before the day was over!  Because things in Haiti ever work that smoothly.  TIH!

Nick and I hopped on the Moto, went down town and surprisingly had my name added to the account very quickly.  We then gave the paper to Rony to have sent down to Port au Prince that day.  We still have not heard wether or not they will accept this or if we will have to start all over!  Ahh... Haiti!!!

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