Saturday, November 27, 2010

1600 Deaths

The latest statistics are that 1600 people have died of Cholera in Haiti, and that over 18,000 have gotten sick from it.  As I have stated before, these are just the reported cases, THERE ARE SO MANY MORE.  These are just the people who have been able to afford a trip to the hospital, many can't afford this.  So many people are getting sick and dying at their homes, or in the country side.  Estimates say that approximately 200,000 people will become sick from this bacteria.

I read that the expected death rate for this was 1%.  In Port Au Prince, the actual death rate is 4%, and in Cap Haitien, it's 7.5%.  That ridiculous since this is a curable bacteria.  All that they need when they get this is an IV and rehydration fluids.  They will be miserable for a while, but if treated fast enough, should be able to leave the hospital in less than 48 hours.

The local hospital here has been maintaining an average of 60-80 Cholera patients.  Many are discharged, but others keep coming in.  Amy went to a clinic in Limbe a few days ago and is there again today to help with Cholera patients.  She kept saying how understaffed they are and how much work they have to do.  She put in IV's all day and ran around changing IV bags.  The way she described the clinic was horrible.

A lot of people here are wearing masks, think this will help prevent them from getting this bacteria, even though it isn't airborne.  Rumors here spread like wild fires and might as well be fact.  That is part of the reason why so many people are dying of this, many simply don't know how to prevent it or treat it once they are sick.  Education is key.

There is a blog that I read of a guy who lives in Port au Prince.  I'm not sure that I should put this on here because it's a bit graphic, but he just wrote a post about Cholera there.  He has some pictures, that again are graphic, but, it shows what is really happening.  If you are interested in reading his post, you can click here.  I don't add this to make you pity those who are sick, but just to inform you of what is really happening here.

There hasn't been any rioting in Cap Haitien for almost a week now.  Nick has been in town several times and says that it is completely fine.  You can still see heaps of metal which are left from all the tires that were burnt.  Tomorrow is election day, so many are afraid that the rioting will start up again.  Normally most political unrest is in Port au Prince, but we are unsure if we will see any effects of it up here.

Thanks for the continued prayers.

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