Friday, November 12, 2010

Moving in!

Hey All,

Sorry this took me 3 days to write, but I am safe in Haiti, enjoying spending time with my little boy and moving into our new apartment!

My travels went great, I couldn't ask for an easier time switching airports in Port au Prince.  I'll be honest, I was a little worried about this part as last time Nick and I did this people were very pushy, grabbing at our bags, demanding bigger tips, and it was over all hectic!  No one tried to grab my bag, except the guy I asked too, he was fine with his tip, and I got a taxi for a very reasonable price, after a little negotiation that is.  It was a lot easier this time now that I can speak Creole and say that I know $15 USD to go half a mile is way too much and I'll only pay $2.50.  Plus I had Gourdes, so using their money always helps too!!  It was hard flying in and out of there and seeing tents cities covering all of Port Au Prince.  It's been 10 months, and people are still living in tents.  It's horrible.

Rikerns was waiting for me at the Cap airport when I arrived.  He was very excited to see me, even though I know that he secretively was hoping Nick was going to be there too even though he was told he was just picking me up.  He kept saying that he was glad I was back and that he missed me.  "Every day I go to work, I don't see Nick and Nikki.  I miss Nick and Nikki.  My Mother ask me if I miss Nick and Nikki and I say yes, I miss Nick and Nikki.  I love Nick and Nikki!!"  He's a great guy!!

It's been raining here a lot and is pretty cold, it stays about 75 all day, so all the nannies have been in winter jackets and pants!  It's funny to see!!  A lot of stuff around here is flooded, and the roads seem to be a little worse than when we left!

The nannies were also excited to see me, and shocked that I came back without Nick.  They all laughed every time I said that he was still in the States and I came back by myself!  They all said that they were happy with me because I came back!!

I have learned in these past few days that I just can't please these women!  As you remember from this post several of the nannies have been harassing us saying that we need to have kids.  I told them that Nick and I were adopting Eventz, and they were all excited for us for about 30 seconds, and then started to tell me that now that I have a son, I also need a daughter and that Eventz needs a sister.  I told them that he needs a sister and a brother, but not for a while.  They wanted to know how long until we would have another child!  Geez, I just had one, now they want me to have another!!  I let them know that it'll be a little while yet!!

 It's so great to be home with Eventz!  He is catching up developmentally really quickly, currently weighing over 12 lbs!!  He learned to sit up with out using his hands while I was gone and can now do it for several minutes without falling over!!  When I stand him up, he puts pressure on his legs!  He also now knows how to play with toys which is a big change from when I left as he would just look at them and not know what to do.  He was sitting next to me on the couch as I pulled out all the stuff his grandma and great grandma gave him.  He would be holding one toy, and the one next too him would start to sign, and he wouldn't know which one to look at.  His eyes were bigger than I have ever seen.  He was way over stimulated!!  It was adorable!

Every time he says DADA, I tell him that I am MAMA, and he just laughs at me!  One of these days he will know who I am!  His hair is getting so long and starting to curl, and the part that was shaved at the hospital to put in an IV has almost grown all the way back!

He wore footy pajamas last night and was adorable!!  Ok, enough ranting about my boy, I have to go give him a bath because he has breakfast all over him!!


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  1. Much more positive blog. Your pictures of my new grandson are adoreable. He is such a cute baby. Can't wait to get to hold and spoil him. Glad he's loving all his new toys. I'm sure there will be many more to!!