Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sprinting in the Airport

This morning I walked up to the ticket counter at 8:30 to check in for my flight.  This is the conversation I had with the guy at the counter after he types in my name

Him: you're running really late.
I look at him with a confused look on my face.  "My flight doesn't leave tell 10:05."
Him: Nikki Stolberg, final destination Ft. Lauderdale?
Me: Yes.
Him: You're flight leaves at 8:50 that's 20 minutes.

Woops!!!  Guess Nick and I looked up my OLD flight itinerary and not the new one!  I had 20 minutes to check in, make it through security, and all the way to my gate, which of course was at the end of the terminal, before my plane left.  That's not 20 minutes before it boarded, it had already almost finished that process.  NO, it was 20 minutes until it left, took off, departed.

I was standing in line at security and the guy in front of me kept trying to walk through the metal detector with money in his pocket, or wearing his belt and sweatshirt.  Then when my bag was going through they paused and looked at it for a while.  I kept checking my watch, praying I wouldn't miss my flight.  It felt like it was taking forever.  That whole process probably took 10 mins and I was afraid that they would have already closed the door before I got there.

There is a slight possibility that I may have cut in front of an old couple who where at least in their 80's during security.  But they were going slow and I was in a hurry!  I didn't even repack my back pack or put on my sweatshirt after security.  I just grabbed all my stuff and started sprinting to my gate.  When I got there the lady knew who I was (the guy from the front counter called and had them hold the plane for me) and gave me my boarding pass for my next flight and I sprinted onto the plane.  I had left my ticket stub with them since I was in such a hurry and as I boarded the plane realized I had no idea what my seat was.  I choose a random empty seat, and as I was storing my bag, remembered that Southwest doesn't have assigned seating so I could seat anywhere, luckily!

Anyways, it all worked out, I made my flight, and didn't have to spend a bunch of time waiting in the airport or get up ridiculously early!  It all worked out!! Now I'm just hoping that my bag makes it to Florida and doesn't get lost.  I didn't really give them much time to put it on the plane.  And I was in such a hurry that I didn't even put an address tag or my name on it.  I'm trusting that it'll be there.  It's full of clothes and Christmas presents for Eventz, so he might be sad if it's not!!

Excited to see my boy in less than 24 hours!!

UPDATE: Both my bag and I made it to Ft Lauderdale without any  problems!!  Now I just have to get through my next two flights!!


  1. Way to go world traveler! I am sure you made it safe, sound and too busy to update your blog! So great to see you!-Lisa

  2. I love the new blog picture!!! Adorable!! What a treat to get to see you guys. Thanks for coming over for the children's party. We loved having you there. Glad Kiara got to come too

    - Ann