Sunday, July 10, 2011

Big day for Marck

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Marck H. Finley
Marck Update

Today Marck had a really big day.  He has been doing so much better recently and in fact even spent the last few days with out any oxygen at all.  Marcks passport, as well as both of his parents passports and all of his Med Visa's paper work are finished, and today the three of them traveled with Amy and Jenn to the Dominican Republic to a hospital.  In August there will be a visiting team of cardiologists there who we hope will be able to preform a much needed surgery for him.  Since our nurse is going to be gone for 3 weeks, we took him there early to ensure that he is able to continue getting quality care.

Marck is still incredibly tiny and not gaining weight.  He needs to be much bigger before any doctor will do surgery.  Please pray that they are able to fatten him up while he's in the hospital at the DR.

We recently had a doctor do another ECHO on Marck and found out that he has one of the worst heart defects a child can be born with.  We are praying that the visiting team will in fact be able to preform this life saving surgery (or likely surgeries) that Marck desperately needs.

Please pray for Marck, Mona, and Mackenson while they are in the DR.  Pray that he gets the best care possible, gains weight, and is able to have his surgery.

Mona and Mackenson, Marck's parents, strongly believe that God can do miracles and are confident that their amazing little boy is going to be just fine!  Marck already is a miracle baby and is touching many peoples lives!  We love this family immensely and pray for the best for all of them!

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