Friday, July 1, 2011

Mr. Wedly Stuart

Last Saturday, Mr. Wedly Stuart moved into our home with us.  Wedly is being adopted by some of our friends back home.  He and Eventz are distant cousins; Wedly's Grandma and Eventz Mom are first cousins. I have no idea what this makes the boys, 3rd or 4th cousins maybe?  Wedly will be staying with us until his adoption is complete.  We have no idea how long that will be, but we are praying that he is at least home with his new family before Christmas.
So far the transition of having him up here has gone really well.  Eventz loves having someone to play with all the time.  Both boys are learning how to share which is not a skill that comes natural to either of them, and has me constantly saying "BOYS" each time I hear one of them start to fuss!  Wedly's true personality is beginning to show a little more each day as he becomes more comfortable in our home!

The most difficult thing so far for me has been managing naps.  Both boys wake up at 7am.  Eventz likes to take a nap from 9:15-11:30, Wedly sleeps from 12:00-3:15 and Eventz again from 2:00- 3 or 4.  Both boys are on such a great schedule for them that I don't want to change either of theirs, but nap time is the only time I get anything done, so something has to change.  Eventz has to have his first nap, or he lets the whole compound know about it.  Plus it's great having him sleep early because then I can get stuff done with the kids down stairs before they take their naps.  Wedly, however, is too old to sleep  as much as Eventz.  Neither of them will budge on nap time, so I constantly have been having one of them to entertain.

Eventz and Wedly could not be more opposite.  Eventz loves to play and goes non stop.  Wedly doesn't really know how to play yet and prefers to just be held and loved on.  Each day he does begin to play a little more, but since he's never really had toys before, he doesn't know how to do so on his own yet.  I'm sure Eventz will teach him though.  Eventz crawls up our slide constantly, and yesterday I saw Wedly attempting to as well.  Eventz has already taught Wedly how to play with toys in the bath, which was new concept to him.

Last night I heated something up in the microwave and it blew Wedly's mind.  He just stood there staring at the timer as it constantly changed, and at one point even reached out to touch it, as if he was checking to see if what he was looking at was real or not.  Wedly has never seen a microwave before and was enthralled by the flashing numbers!

The first few days Wedly was up here he slept on his cot from downstairs before we transitioned him to his big boy bed (which is a queen, lucky kid).  I was a little nervous about this transition after waking him up from the worlds longest nap and finding him like this....

Comfy Huh?

Eventz Helping Wake Wedly up from his nap!
Please pray that Wedly's transition to our home continues to go well and that Nick and I are the best temporary parents we can be to him.  Please pray that his adoption finishes soon and that he is home in time to celebrate Christmas with his family.  Also pray that his living with us doesn't affect his or Eventz bonding.

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