Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Family Traditions

Now that Nick and I have a family it's time for us to start some of our own family traditions.  Both Nick and I growing up would go to the Ridgefield Parade for the fourth, and then some sort of bbq followed by a fireworks show.

 Well, it's Haiti, so first of all we are the only ones for miles around who were even celebrating yesterday.  And second, theres no parades or firework shows any where, unless we want to hop on a plane to Florida and leave Eventz and Wedly behind.

But at the last minute, I found some ways to make the 4th fun for the Timoun (children).

We made Red, White, and Blue cupcakes with Red, White, and Blue frosting and sprinkles.

Every body has "their thing" that they are known for and always bring to every family get together!  I just found mine!

In other words, if you ever invite me to a 4th of July party, expect me to bring red, white and blue cupcakes!

I know, boxed cupcakes, I'm really out doing myself! But hey, at least my timouns will enjoy it every year and have something to look forward too!

We also made party hats and 

Wedly put all his own stickers on his!

Eventz may have had a little help decorating his hat.  

We made 2 in one drum/maraca instruments.  The timoun can either beat on the top of their cans and they'll be drums.  Or they can shake them (their favorite) and the rocks inside will hit against the metal making a fun maraca type noise.  Who needs a parade or fireworks when you can make enough noise on your own?

And what would the Fourth of July be if we didn't spend at least a little time playing on the play ground. Just in case you don't know, if your 16 months and just learning to walk, it is absolutely necessary to climb up the slide holding a large stick thats about as tall as you are!

We did end up having a bbq.  Nick grilled up some hamburgers and bratworths (a special treat here).  We also had baked beans, corn, and of course, red white, and blue cupcakes, which were a hit!

 The boys defiantly got a lot of attention dressed up with their hats, beads, and instruments, which they of course loved!

Eventz was so excited yesterday that he didn't even take a nap!

And then wanted to party all night in Mommy and Daddy's bed, which was oh so fun!  It was as if he knew there was supposed to be something else after the bbq but just couldn't figure it out!

But who can resist this little face!  Some day he will expericne a real forth of July, fireworks and all!  I can already tell this little bugger is going to be a pi-row and scare the bajebbers out of his mother.  The timoun has no fear what so ever!

We were happy to include Wedly on the family traditions that we are beginning this year, but are even more excited about the fact that this time next year, he will be at the Ridgefield Parade with his Mom and Dad, and the Nazarene Church handing out free hotdogs to all who pass!

It was a great day.  I'm slowly learning how to create our own family traditions in a place like Haiti that is so different than anything we have ever known!  But regardless, the boys had fun and I'm looking forward to next year when Eventz will actually be more help than work when it comes to making cupcakes, hats, and instruments.

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