Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nick's Funny Farm

Nick has decided that since we live in Haiti we should probably have a bit of a farm.  Makes sense right?

Before our last maintenance guy left, he built a chicken coop, and I'm pretty sure that's where it all started.  Nick saw the chickens and for what ever reason had to expand upon it.  He began talking about goats all the time and the fact that he wanted to get one.  He even told my Mom that that is what he wanted for his birthday.  I thought it was a phase that would pass.  But once the yard guys heard he wanted a goat, suddenly there was a whole list of goats for sale that he could buy.  The temptation was to much, Nick gave in and bought a Mama goat who is pregnant, with his birthday money (thanks Mom).  Rikerns told him about three weeks ago that based on the tit size of the goat she would be giving birth in about a week.  That has yet to happen, but probably will while Nick is gone which will make him really sad!

Wedly Herding the Chickens!

We actually currently have 3 goats, Nicks mama goat, one that someone Amy helped gave to her, and one we bought to eat, but decided to fatten up first.  Soon we will likely have 5!

The boys trying to see the goats!

When ever we go for walks in the community, all I hear the whole time is "that's a nice looking goat."  "look at that goat."  "my goats way fatter than that."  "My goats way happier than that."  Etc.  Honestly the man is obsessed with goats!

Then Nick told me he wanted to buy some bunnies so that we could start eating them because they are cheaper and apparently all the nannies would love it!  I talked to one nanny and she had never eaten a rabbit before and thought the idea was crazy.  I agreed and assumed this was a phase, until one day a bunny hutch was being built and a guy showed up with 3 male and 3 female bunnies on the back of his moto.

Now if you haven't heard much about bunnies, apparently they multiply quite quickly.  One female bunny has already been eaten, accidentally by our dog Roxy.  This will greatly lower our numbers, but still, fairly soon we will have a whole herd, flock, gathering, or what ever you'd like to call it of bunnies.

Nick also had a short dabble in the kitten owning business.  While I was in the States, a nanny brought a kitten to give to another employee, and Nick asked if he could have one too.  I was so excited, and apparently Eventz LOVED it, but Nick let it outside and Roxy chased it before I got home and we have never seen it since.  We are on the waiting list though, so the next time her cat has kittens we get one!

RIP Mrs. Orange Rabbit

All of this is in addition to our dogs.  We have always had Roxy and Toby, our two dogs, but during all of this "Expansion", Roxy had 8 puppies, so we really looked like we had a farm.  Four of the puppies disappeared/died, three were given away, and we kept one, who Nick named Tiffany.  Not sure I'm a huge fan of the name, but I don't have anything better and he's the Gwo Chef (big boss)!  Sorry if anybody named Tiffany is offended, Nick likes to give pets human names, like our last female cat who he named Larry.  Long story.

Nick plans on keeping one of the baby goats for Eventz to have as a pet.  I plan on keeping two female bunnies, one white and one black for Eventz to have as a pet (no this has nothing to do with our races, which everyone says when I tell them that).  When Nick grew up, he had goats, when I grew up I had rabbits.  We want Eventz to have the same things we had in our child hood!  Getting pets for our son makes it feel more like home and less like we are depriving him.  The last kitten we had slept in Eventz crib with him, so we hope the next one will be just as friendly as that!

So while Nick is in the States taking a break from all of the craziness in Haiti, I am supposed to keep a close eye on all of his animals and let him know instantly when the baby goats are born.  I'm sure there will be pictures at that time!  His task is to buy a bunny water bottle and leash and harness for Snowball and midnight, Eventz future pet rabbits!

When I told Nick we needed a harness so Eventz could walk his bunnies, his response was "yeah that'll make him fit in here!"  I'm not worried about whether or not he fits in, but if their on a harness he can take them out and play with them easier!

If anyone in the Ridgefield area has a bunny leash, harness, or water bottle they'd like to get rid of, Nick would love to not have to search for one!

Yes Nick, I was being serious and really do expect you to come home with these items!!

All these things sound weird, but there is a potential to do good with this.  Now I have no idea what Nick is actually going to do with all of his goats or how many he will end up having, but a goat is a pretty big possession here.  If we had enough of them we could potentially give them away to help people out.  I'm not saying this is what we are going to do, but who knows!  Likely we'll probably just eat them all!

Stay tuned and I'll let you know what the next animal Nick decides we must have is!


  1. That is the cutest story ever Nikki. And yes, we do have a rabbit water bottle and maybe a harness too, that use to be yours. I will check for you.

  2. I actually thought of you when I wrote that! i had a bunny leash for my bunnies as a kid too!