Friday, December 24, 2010

Early Christmas Present

Yesterday I got an early Christmas present, twin 8 day old boys!  They are cute and super tiny (at least during the day.  Not so much at night when the scream from 9-4 with out stopping)!!  They make my 15 lbs chunk seem like a giant!!  Both boys are small enough to fit in premie clothes, actually one is too small for even these!

So right now Nick and I are playing parents to 4 young children!  We are quite busy (with all the diaper changes, tube feedings, etc), but still plan on having an amazing Christmas!!!

Tomorrow is going to (theoretically) be an internet free day for both of us, so I will wish you all a Merry Christmas now!!

Thanks to all our supporters and our family for the continual prayers you have shown us!  We are very excited to celebrate this with 48 beautiful Haitian children and all of our staff!

I also want to say a special thanks to Karen G. and all of her friends and family that purchased gifts for our children!  5 of us spent two FULL days wrapping and sorting them all!  The kids are going to love having a ton of new toys and clothes.  We feel very blessed by your generosity, we never expected to get half as much as we did!!

Merry Christmas,
Nick, Nikki, Eventz, and all our adorable babies!!

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  1. Merry Christmas, Stolbergs! Glad to know you're still happy and healthy! Sending you love from Korea! :)