Friday, December 3, 2010

Kids Alive

Yesterday Nick and I took a few hours off to go and visit another local Mission called Kid's Alive!  This mission is currently ran by all Haitian staff, which I think is amazing!  They take in kids who don't have homes or families, and match them with house parents who will raise them until they are 18.  They currently have 77 kids living in 7 different homes and a school for all of these kids as well as an additional 60 children from the community.  They just bought some new land (because there was some discrepancy with the land they previously owned.  Apparently the original owner sold it to them as well as another person) and are going to be building 8 homes for these families to live in!  The entire compound is set up around a soccer field.  They are also going to be building transitional housing so that when these kids turn 18, they can move in there for a while before moving out on their own.

Nick and I were very impressed with what they are doing for the children in their care!  They are truly making a difference in these kids life and giving them a chance to grow up as healthy Christian adults.  In July, Kid's Alive took in 44 children who were living in tents in Port au Prince.  These kids were from an orphanage there that had collapsed during the earth quake and they had no where else to go!

There are no other organizations like this in Northern Haiti and it's great to see what is being done outside our gates!  It was also really nice to get out and see yet another part of Haiti!!

To learn more about Kid's Alive you can visit their website.  They work in several countries all over the world!

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