Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Election results result in violence

Last night the results of the Presidential Elections in Haiti were announced.  In order to win in the first round, a candidate must have at least 50% of the votes.  If no one does, than they take the top two candidates and do a revote.  The top two winners are Jude Celestin, who got 20% of the votes, Mirlande Manigat who received 30% of the votes.  This means that either way the majority of the population doesn't want either of these two to be the President.

From what I have heard, Manigat, who is a former first lady, is very well educated but apparently worships satan (whether this is true or not I don't know, rumors spread like wild fire here).  The other guy is hugely supported by the current President, however many people are saying that he actually came in 3rd place but the elections were rigged so that he was "placed" in second place.

There are reports that there have been a ton of fraud involved in this election.  Apparently a lot of people who died in the Earth Quake some how voted, but others who were registered to vote were not allowed to do so.

After the results were announced, there has been violent protests all through out the country, including here in Cap.  People are throwing rocks and bottles, and are burning tires again.  Both the Cap and Port au Prince airports are shut down right now, and we once again can't go into town, (which really sucks because we have been out of butter for almost a week and I have been wanting to make sugar cookies with the kids)!

Not that I'm condoning any of it, but at least with the riots last month, they had someone to be angry with.  They were upset with the UN and were attacking them.  This time, there is no one to be mad at, so the protestors are just attacking each other and hurting their own people.  It makes no sense.  I was talking to the nannies today and I asked why people are protesting.  Their response was that they are crazy!

We are hoping that things are back to normal soon.  This is one of those things that could be perfectly fine tomorrow, or it could last for a few days.  More in likely it will calm down soon, but then start up again when the next election takes place.  There were announcements on the radio yesterday before the results were announced that said "if you're unhappy with the results, start fighting again."

Hoping things quite down soon!!  The second round will take place on January 16th.

Here is a good article about the election and what is currently happening.

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