Tuesday, December 7, 2010

World AID's Day

December 1st was World AID's Day, and unfortunately I didn't know about this until afterwards.  I'm sure if I had  logged on to facebook within the proceeding week, I would have been reminded, but I rarely do that these days.

Thinking about AID's is much different for me now than it was a few months ago.  It's no longer some mysterious disease that affects millions in some far off place.  It's no longer something I can ignore.  AID's now has a face, a laugh, a voice, and most importantly, a special place in my heart.  I am reminded of this disease every day when I walk out into the baby house.  We have a few children in our care who are HIV+, and if I could tell you one thing about these children, it would be that they are children!

There are so many stigmas out there about AID's that people often don't know what to think or do when they encounter people who are positive.  But these children aren't any different than any other child in the baby house, or the world for that matter.  They all want to be held, kissed, loved.  Just by walking into the baby house, you would never have any idea who is and isn't positive because these children, just like the rest are laughing, smiling, and happy.  They don't appear to be sick.

On the other hand, I fully realize how serious HIV is.  We have had one child pass away since I have been here because they were HIV + and their body just couldn't fight what ever was making them sick.  It's hard to know that these children will have this the rest of their lives and always have to take medicine for it.

However, I am very thankful that they are in our care and that we were not only able to test them, but can provide them with ARV's (Anti Retral Virals) to help keep them healthy.  Getting them healthy at an early age could not only change, but save their lives.  I love each of these kids and know that they will flourish where ever they go in life!

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  1. The syndrome is known as AIDS (a four-letter acronym.) Not AID's. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.