Monday, December 13, 2010

This model comes equipped with reverse!!

Eventz is working real hard on learning to crawl.  When ever we sit him down to play with his toys, he finds a way to make it on to his belly, which is huge cause he used to hate being on his stomach.  If he sees a toy to the side of him, he can turn himself around to see it.  I often see him spinning in circles looking at all the toys around him.  But as much as he tries, he just can't move forward.  Whenever he tries to crawl, he just scoots backward!  I've seen him move almost two feet, but it's always away from his toys even though he is trying to go towards them!  He's got the whole reverse thing down, but now he's got to figure out how to switch it to forward!  I think it's only going to be a few more days, or possibly a week or two before he is crawling all over the place!

He is also working on trying to pull himself up.  He gets close but hasn't yet successfully done it on his own!  It's so fun to watch him develop and see how excited he get when he discovers new things!  I love every minute I get to spend with him!  On one hand I'm very happy that he is moving along so well developmentally, but a small part of me wishes he wasn't.  I just got him, I still want him to be a baby for a while, to depend on me to carry him from place to place!  But, I can't deny that he is adorable as he is learning all of these new skills!

The little guy just loves me so much!  Every time he sees me or hears my voice, he gets really excited, laughs, and his whole body shacks with excitement!  Nick says Eventz laughs cause he thinks I look and sound funny, but I know that it's cause he loves me!!

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  1. Oh my gosh Nikki, Eventz is getting sooo big. He looks like a different kid then what he did just a month ago. It must be all the love he is getting. Good job, keep it up. His grandma would like to be giving him all that love too, but he lives a little far away. So we will just continue to pray for him from afar. Glad to hear he is making such good progress. He will figure out the crawling thing on his own time. Wish I knew it was going to be so cold, because I took something out of your box because I thought you might not use it. Maybe I'll send it next time. Thanks for keeping your blog up so often. It is the high light to my day....yes, I know, I probably need to get a! Love you.