Monday, December 27, 2010

Thanks all for the Christmas wishes!  We had a great first Christmas with our son!  He was more entertained by the wrapping paper, bows, and boxes than his gifts, but he still had fun!!

My favorite part of Christmas was at the end of the day when we went out to the baby house to do Depot.  Nick was wearing an elf hat, I had on antlers, and Eventz and Mika (the little 3 year old who's living with us) had on santa hats.  Eventz held a box of candy canes and went from room to room and Mika handed each nanny one!  They got a great kick out of how ridiculous we all looked, and were excited for their treat!  I don't know why, but it made my day and was definitely my favorite part!!  Nick had also been saving empty clorox jugs for a few weeks, which are highly requested here, and gave each nanny one!  I think that this was their favorite part of the day!!

We hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Nick, Nikki, and Eventz


  1. Nikki, you need to be a professional photographer, amongest your many other talents. The pictures you take are amazing. I can't believe how big Eventz is getting. You would never know that just a few months ago, that he was a very sick boy. Goes to show how lots of love and prayers can heel ones body. Good job!

  2. Wes and I personally appreciate all of the hard work that you are doing with the pictures! Glad you guys had a good Christmas! Thanks for all you do!
    Wes and Tonya