Monday, September 21, 2009

10 hours on public transportation = 2 travelers ready to return home!!

So last night Nick was trying to figure how to get from our hotel to the airport. He figured out that our plane left at 7:00 am, so we could take the 6:15 bus that would put us at the airport around 6:30, 1.5 hours early. So we get up at 5 this morning, pack our stuff, and begin the 1 mile walk to the bus stop. All the sudden, Nick gets this worried look on his face and asks me what time our plane leaves and says he thinks we are going to miss it since it's already almost 6. We pull out our itenerary and redo the math to find that we are going to arrive about 20 mins before our plane leaves and still have to check our bags and go through security.

We start to sprint through downtown Boston with all of our luggage (I'm not really sure why we were running, it's not like the bus would decide to leave early just because we got there and told them we were late). About a block up, we saw a taxi, and luckily he took visa so we hoped a ride with him! Yet another expense we weren't planning on, but better than missing our flight. I'm not sure why I haven't started to check Nicks work or to do it myself, but I am defiantly looking over our flight schedule for tomorrow morning. As Nick puts it, at least we haven't been wasting a lot of time sitting in airports!

Today was kind of a waste, we got to our hotel before we were allowed to check in, which sucks cause we both really wanted to shower. Instead, we walked .5 mile to the bus stop, took that about 30 mins up, and then hopped on two subways which took about 30 mins. We walked through this park in Queen's, which is near where they just arrested the guy suspected of being involved in a terrorist plot. It was a long walk, but we saw a cool residential area and the "unisphere," a huge 140ft tall steel globe.

After the two hour walk through the park and side streets (park ended unexpectedly and we had to figure out how to get back with out any maps), we began our journey by subway, bus, and foot back so that we could shower before going out with Nicks friend Alexis for dinner. We unfortunately waited for nearly 20 mins for one bus, before a lady finally told us that we needed another one. When we tried to exit the bus, the doors weren't opening, so we just stood there and looked around. Then in perfect unison (almost as if they had planned it) the driver and all the passengers yelled "PUSH." We felt like dorks, but didn't grow up in a city. I take the city bus everyday to school, but have never had to push the door open before.

Shortly after we returned to our hotel, we had to leave again. This trip included 3 different subway rides before we meet Alexis. We had a nice Italian dinner. Luckily she drove us back to our hotel so that we didn't have to make the 1.5 - 2 hour trip back via subways and bus.

Now we have to go to bed because we have to get up at 4 in the morning to go to the airport in order to come back to the North West!! After spending all day in airports we have the great privilege of driving 4 hours from Portland to Bellingham through Seattle rushour traffic. It is going to be a LONG day! Ahh!!

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