Friday, September 18, 2009


After our nap, Nick and I headed out to explore a little bit of the falls, which is absolutely amazing. We are staying on the Canadian side, which is beautiful. The town is so clean and there are a lot of parks, flowers, and green grass. We walked along the river and up towards the falls (we are at the top part of the falls). As we get closer to the place where the water actually drops, there is so much mist in the air that it feels like we are in a rain storm. Luckily we have the waterproof case for our little camera! I had to wear Nicks jacket which is water proof in order to stay dry, but Nick got soaked, isn't he a nice guy!

Next, we walked back down the river and jumped on a Maid of the Mist tour. Each visitor gets a fashionable blue poncho that they have to wear. We head out past the American Falls (which is on the US side), and up to Horseshoe Falls (which is on the Canadian side). The boat takes us so close to the water that we are drenched in water and mist. It is pretty rough and the boat rocks a lot, but it is worth it. We were able to get some really pretty pictures of the Niagara Falls, and some great ones of us in our ponchos!

That night we went to a Danny ZZZZ show, which is a guy that does magic, hypnosis, etc. The face value on these tickets were $32.50, but we got them from our hotel for FREE! It's a good thing they were free cause the show was kind of cheesy, not sure if it was just Canadian humor, or elderly humor, but we didn't think it was funny. All the elderly people on the bus ride home with us thought he was amazing and couldn't figure out how he did his tricks when Nick and I knew he had just memorized the order of the cards. There were a few cool things, but for the most part it was kind of lame! But again, at least it was free!

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