Thursday, September 17, 2009

Travel, Travel, Travel

1:00: am: Shut lights off to go to bed
2:00: Wake up call From front desk. Get dressed, chug a small protein shake, head to hotel Lobby to get taxi.
2:30: Decide our taxi driver from the previous night (or 3 hours ago isn't coming). Call for new taxi.
2:45: Arrive at PATH train station.
3:00: Depart Newark heading towards the World Trade Center via PATH.
3:30: Arrive at WTC, carry luggage up 2 flights of stairs, walk 3 blocks to Subway, carry luggage down 1 flight of stairs. Turn wrong way once in Subway, walk to the clear other end before we realize and then have to go back.
3:40: Walk through turnstile for our subway at the exact time the train pulls away. (AKA: we miss it by 5 seconds).
3:41: Nick starts to play the "Had I only" game and feels like it's his fault we missed the train. I assure him it's not.
3:42: Nick begins to get worried that we will miss our flight. Nick starts to stress. Two rats crawl around in the subway track.
3:50: Next subway hasn't come, Nick even more worried.
4:00: Subway finally comes. Get stopped several times by work crews. Nick worries about delays. I assure him we'll make it. Nick informs me our plane leaves at 6:10 instead of 6:30 like we discussed the day before. I start to get worried.
4:08: We discuss getting off the subway and catching a taxi. Decide we are to cheap and that we will risk it. (Plus who knows if we'll be able to find a taxi this time in the morning).
4:15: Nick really worried. I do the math, figure out we have plenty of time. Nick calms down slightly.
4:45: Finally arrive at the airport. Refill our Metrocard so that we have enough money to ride the airtram. See the airtram is at the station, begin to sprint.
5:00 and 50 seconds: airtram departs station.
5:00 and 52 seconds: we arrive at station, have to wait ten mins til next train.
5:12: Board airtram. Find out our plane leaves at 6:05 not 6:10,Nick is nervous again.
5:35: depart airtram. Nick briskly walked through the very long hallway to the check in booth, I lag behind, stuck behind slow people.
5:40: Bags checked, enter security line.
5:50: Through security, 7 mins til plane boards.
5:52: Arrive at ticket counter, ask to change seats so that we can sit next to eachother. (Why don't we have seats by each other on any flighs?)
5:55: Go to Bathroom
6:00: Board plane.
6:20: Plane leaves JFK.
7:30: Plane lands in Buffalo NY.
7:40: Already have our bags, now waiting for our bus that comes at 8.
8:03: Still Waiting, Talking to some elderly travelers about Niagara Falls
8:35: Bus finally comes.
9:35: Bus drops us off at customs. We walk to Canada, and then continue on for 2 miles to our hotel, up a steep hill pulling our luggage!
10:00: Arrive at hotel (after trying to check in at the wrong one. Who knew there was a difference between Fallsview Resort and Fallsview Plaza?, Ohh wait I did, but Nick didn't Listen...). Told our room won't be ready till 12. Upset cause we wanted to nap. Decide to eat breakfast at IHOP.
10:50: I finished my first entire Belgian Waffle EVER!
11:00: Check to see if our room is ready. Luckily it is.
11:10: Enter room, take off shoes, fall in bed for a quick one hour nap before checking out the town. Total Travel time: 10 hours and 10 mins and six types of transportation, all on one hour of sleep!
1:15: I wake up and tell Nick we need to get going cause we over slept. Fall back asleep.
1:45: Wake up again. Groggy and not in good mood. Force ourselves out of bed, take showers, and finally get out to see Niagara Falls!

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