Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lion King on Broadway

Today was definitely a lazy day, but we deserved it after yesterday. It's crazy how much of a slower pace we have had on this trip compared to our time in Europe where we went straight all day long and fit in so much. We slept in til 9, which is rare for us, even at home.

First on the list was shopping at Century 21, a discount designer store. We heard that this was really cool and saw lots of people walking around the city with bags from there, so we thought we would check it out since we walk by it every day. Even though these things are on sale, they are still pretty expensive. Not outrageous, but more than we wanted to spend, so we walked away empty handed.

Second was exploring the Brooklyn Bridge. It took us about 30 mins to walk across this, but it had amazing views of the Manhattan skyline so we enjoyed ourselves. The bridge is really pretty. After stopping at a super market, we went to a park on the water front in Brooklyn and made and ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We have spent a lot of money on food, so we went cheap today. Our first day here we bought cereal to save on breakfast costs. It cost us $6.50 for a 12 oz box of honey nut cheerios and $3.50 for .5 of milk. Even though this is expensive, we bought it anyways cause we knew it was cheaper than eating out everyday.

When we were done eating our lunch we left Brooklyn via the Manhattan Bridge. This is also a pretty cool bridge and is neat because it has a great view of the Brooklyn Bridge. It amazed me to see how many tourist walked across the Brooklyn Bridge to get pictures, but never got any of the whole thing because they didn't take the time to walk over the other bridge.

Next we went into Times Square to buy our tickets for a Musical, and decided to splurge to see Lion King even though it is one of the more expensive ones. A cruise had purchased a lot of tickets and then backed out, so we got pretty good seat for about $25 less than asking price. This Musical was absolutely AMAZING! I loved it and was thoroughly entertained the entire time. The costumes were so cool and the set was amazing with all the trap doors and spinning "Pride Rock." I can't decide if I liked this or Wicked (which we saw in London) better. They were both amazing.

After buying the tickets, but before the show, we sat in Times Square and people watched. There was a "Naked Cowboy" there who charged people to take pictures with him. He was wearing only whitey tighties, cow boy boots/hat, and a guitar. We pulled out our peanut butter, jelly and bread and made sandwiches right in the middle of all the hustle and bustle. We felt like bums, but felt guilty after buying Broadway tickets and couldn't justify spending $40 on dinner which is what it would cost in that area.

When we came out of the show, I almost said "wow, it's still bright out (at 10 pm)," but then remembered that we were in times square and that we were just surrounded by a ton of huge tv screens and billboards. We sat and watched a fashion show which was being shown on a giant tv for a while before making the trek back to the good ole' hotel.

One more full day in the big city and then we are off to Niagara Falls!

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