Thursday, September 17, 2009

Need a travel agent... Don't get advise from Nick!!!

For our fourth day in NYC, we went to a outdoor market in Union Square where we bought fresh apple cider, banana bread, and a large cookie. Next stop, United Nations; with a minor detour to Rockefeller Plaza. Nick- "Theres a good chance that this is the right way." Nikki- "Does that mean theres a good chance this is the wrong way too?" Nick- "No I’m positive this is right." Four blocks later we pull out the map… Nick- "Oh wait, we should go up 48th instead of Lexington." 3 blocks later, Nick- "Is this Rockefeller Plaza, cause if it is we went the wrong way again." Pull out the map. Nick- "We need to go the opposite direction about 7 long blocks!" However since we were there, we decided to check out Nintendo world. They had about 20 DS’s and 6 Wii’s out, so we played some of their new games which was entertaining before we continued on to the UN.

It was really cool to go to the UN and see all 192 flags from the countries who are members. We decided to take the tour since I am all about what the UN does. We saw a bunch of displays for issues all around the world, like gender discrimination and the effects of Nuclear bombs, which were really interesting while we waited for our tour to start.

During the tour we learned about the 7 Millennium Goals, two of which I researched in great depth for my research paper last quarter. These two were Universal Education and Gender Equality. We learned really interesting statistics like how much money is spent on the Stimulus Package, the Iraq war, etc., and how if a small portion of this was spent on food, all school aged children across the globe could avoid hunger. We also saw a collection of cups coins, statues, and photos from the area where we dropped the atomic bomb on Japan. It was disturbing to see the destruction that we caused. There was a picture of a 6 legged cow that was born deformed because of the radiation. These things also happen to people. We also saw pictures of peoples melted faces.

We decided to see another show, but this time we saw a play instead of a musical. We bought tickets for 39 Steps which has 4 actors that play over 120 characters. It is based loosely on an Alfred Hitchcock production. It It had some funny parts but definitely wasn’t worth it in my opinion.

We arrived back in the hotel around 11 , and I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed when I hear Nick say “Oh crap.” I assume that he looked at our flight for the following day and it left earlier than we expected, but in fact his discovery was much worse.

Nick was looking over our itinerary for our Niagara Falls trip, and realized that he booked the hotel and car for the wrong day, 19-21 instead of 17-19. He called Expedia and was able to cancel both with only a $25 dollar charge. The bad part is that both were booked up so we had to find somewhere else to stay and some form of public transportation from the airport to our hotel which is nearly an hour away. It took us almost 1.5 hours, but we eventually booked a new hotel and decided to take the public bus to the US/Canada and then walk the 2 miles from there to our hotel. Since we canceled the car we saved a little bit of money overall (not much though because now we have to take a taxi back to the airport since buses don’t run that early) so that’s good!

We finally shut the light off at 1 am to get a tiny bit of sleep before our 2 am wake up call.

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