Friday, September 18, 2009

Romantic Dates, Waterfalls, and Fireworks!

So last night I booked us tickets on the jet boat, which goes into the Natural whirlpool a few miles below Niagara Falls, or at least I thought I did. We learned after we booked the trip that the free shuttle isn't running anymore because it's the end of the season. We were told that it would cost us $15 to take a taxi there. Us being cheap, decided to take the people mover (bus which goes half way there) assuming that we might be able to reduce the cost a little bit. Then the bus driver told us that taxi's are actually $40 each way, and that we could rent bikes and ride there. She dropped us off at the rental place, where we learned we where still 12 miles away. Nick thinks we can make it even though we only have 45 mins. I strongly disagree, so we call the place to see if we can change our time to later in the afternoon. She informs us that we don't even have reservations. Guess I must not have fully finished the online reservations. Oops. We decided not to rebook because it was pretty expensive and we felt like we have spent too much as it is!

Some guy in the lobby of our hotel gave Nick a packet of coupons that they didn't use. One of them was a $20 credit to a restaurant downtown. We walked there and were told that the coupon wasn't for lunch, but for the arcade. So we spent some time playing skeet ball and other games. It was weird because instead of getting tokens, you get a card that has all of your credits on it. $20 bought us 110 credits, but most of the games were 8.9, 14.6, 9.3 credits (don't ask me why they weren't whole numbers) so they didn't last long. We won enough tickets to buy 1 large pixi stick and a bouncy ball. Actually we were 5 tickets short but they gave it to us any way.

Next we decided to do the "Journey of the Falls" which is where we walk behind the water. This turned out to be very disappointing. We were expecting to be on a path where we would get drenched and be able to reach out and touch the water. Instead, it was just a tunnel with a small window in it that we could look out of.

After three years of wanting to get my nose pierced, I finally did it today! I wasn't too nervous at first, until the guy at the front desk told me the pain level was similar to getting punched in the face. Once I sat down in the chair I kind of freaked out and almost left, but then she opened the package and I didn't want to get stuck paying for it, so I stayed in my seat. She stuck a straw up my nose, and then jabbed a nail like object threw my nose. It defiantly hurt a little, but wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be! Plus it was way cheaper than the place in the mall where I almost got it done! Hopefully I am allowed to have it at my new job!

For a perfect end to our time at Niagara Falls, Nick and I had a very romantic date. We had dinner at the Keg (we received a $40 food voucher from our hotel) which overlooked the Falls. While we were there, they lite off fireworks! Niagara Falls is lite up at night, and every few mins, they change the color. It was really neat!

Now we are off to bed because we have to get up at 5 to head to Boston!

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