Monday, September 21, 2009

University Way

Yesterday was a walk down genius lane. We visited the MTI and Harvard Campuses. Somehow we entered MTI from the side and found ourselves in some abandoned part of campus where I'm sure we weren't suppose to be. I got really nervous when we walked by a "Laser In Use" sign. I was afraid that there were silent alarms going off and that we were going to get in trouble! At Harvard, I felt smart for a second until I remembered that I was just a visitor and not a student. All the building were very old and cool! We tried to make pb&j sandwiches while in Harvards court yard, but realized we didn't have a knife with us, so we had to starve!!

On our way back, we walked down one street with a lot of expensive shops on it. We didn't go in many, but it was still fun to see. There was one shop that sold a dress made completely out of rubber gloves.

Next we walked to the Harbor intending to go to the Boston Tea Party Museum, but it must not be there anymore because we were in the right place but didn't find it. Instead, we walked along the Harbor and looked at some of the biggest yachts I have ever seen. There was one owned by a Red Socks player that was nearly 150 feet (according to Nick). Then we sat on the a brick wall for quite a while and watched people, boats, and planes.

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