Sunday, March 28, 2010

44,000+ pictures!

Today Nick and I realized we have 120 gb (or around 44,000) pictures. Anyone who knows us knows that we always have our camera on us and take a ton of pictures. We always back our pictures up on either flash drives or sd cards and put them in our safe deposit box so that if our computer crashes or is stolen we still have them all.

However, with this many pictures, the price for the memory is begining to add up. We have decide that instead of continuing to back them up the way we are, we will do it all online. There is an annual fee to it, but we think it'll pay off (especially when we have kids and are taking thousands of pictures of them)!! An added bonus is that then we wont have to worry about transferring them between my computer and his. No matter where we are, we will have access to our entire photo collection.

If everything works out the way we are hoping we should have all the pictures we have ever taken available online for people to see. This will be cool because you can see pictures from when we were in Europe and Africa and else where. It will also be great when we have kids for people to keep up with them!

We still aren't sure if they will be password protected or how all that will work. We will probably keep the Haiti pictures seperate as they pertain to the blog more and will be easier to see.

With this new discovery, Nick and I have spent several hours today naming everyone in each of our pictures. This will allow us to type in someones name, ie Kiara our niece, and pull up all the pics of her (currently at 1200 but will have WAY more when we are done). This is very addicting and time consuming. In the end it'll be nice to have all of our photos online and named. We still have several hours of work ahead of us. Hopefully it will all work out, other wise we have wasted a bunch of time today!!


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