Thursday, March 18, 2010

All Booked

It's official, we are moving to Haiti in 88 more days. The girls signed their part of the lease yesterday, so Nick and I purchased our tickets this morning. We fly out of PDX at noon on Tuesday June 16th. We will land in Fort Lauderdale at midnight and then have seven hours to kill before our next flight at 7:30 am. We have decided to sleep at the airport rather than paying for a hotel. We then fly into Port Au Prince's international airport. At that time we will find a taxi and go to the other side of the city to the domestic airport.

There are two airlines that fly from Port Au Prince to Cap Haitien 4 times per day each. We have been told that it's easiest to wait to book this part of the flight until we get there. We haven't decided for sure if we will wait or book it in advanced (a lot of time doing it in advanced isn't even an option depending on if the company answers the phone or not). Since we will be getting there so early in the morning we should be able to get on any of the departure times.

Nick also finally told his work that he was quitting today. I think it was kind of hard for him. He really likes his job and is going to miss it. Nick said that they were all really supportive of our decision which is good!

Now that our date is finalized, our next big project is locking in our insurance. Hopefully we will be able to do that within the next week or two.

Got to go, Kiara is needing attention!

88 days!!

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