Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last First Day EVER!!!

Today is my last first day of classes ever!! This morning I registered to walk at graduation and paid for my cap and gown. Just a few minutes ago I wrote out the last tuition check that I will ever have to pay for! It's unreal to think that in ten short weeks I will be graduating from college! It's such a great feeling and I can't wait to be done!!

Nick and I have decided on our health insurance, and were going to purchase it a few days ago, but found out we can't until 30 days prior to our departure. We thought it had to be within 90 days, but we were wrong! It's nice to have that figured out and basically crossed off our list!!

Worked on my Creole for a bit this morning! I feel like I know so much, however I know I will still be clue less when I get there!! Oh well, every little bit helps!

I know it wont be too long until I am boarding the plane for Haiti!!


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