Tuesday, March 23, 2010


It is day two since I sold my car (I don't count the weekend cause Nick is there and can drive me around), and I have already had TWO issues due to it.

Yesterday Nick and I had an appointment to sign over our part of the lease. Since it is spring break the buses don't run nearly as often. I had one chance to catch the bus rather than the normal 4. As I was walking down to the bus stop, it goes by me, 4 mins early. I then had to walk the almost 3 miles to our appointment. There was no way that Nick had time to pick me up. Our appointment was at 4:30 and I got there at 4:29, pretty impressive I think!!

Then last night as we were getting ready for bed I told Nick that I had a dentist appointment today. He asked me how I was going to get there, and then it dawned on me that the dentist office is way across town and I don't have a car. Techniqually if I started now (at 8:30), I could probably make it to my 10 o'clock appointment if I walked, but then I would have to walk back to and probably wouldn't make it to work on time. Now I have to pay a $25 cancellation fee which really sucks because if I could have made it to the appointment it would have been free. What a scam.

This whole no car thing is going to be very annoying, I can tell already!

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