Saturday, March 20, 2010

Public Transportation!

Yesterday I sold my car which is nice because now we wont have to store it while we are gone. However, now I will have to take the bus to work which will be a pain. I don't work very far away though so it won't be that bad, I just like to complain! Plus, I already take it to school everyday. Also, we were planning on driving that to Vancouver the next few times full of stuff to put in the barn. We will still fill Nicks car, but it doesn't hold as much!

One more step closer to being able to go!!

Also, we decided to book the flight from Port Au Prince to Cap Haitien mainly so that Jamie will know when to pick us up and wont have to be waiting and wondering when we will show up. It will take us about 28 hours from the time we get to the airport in Portland until we get to the orphanage in Haiti. It will be a long adventure, but well worth it!!

86 more days!!


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