Sunday, March 28, 2010

Scoping it out!!

Nicks birthday is on Wednesday, and this year we did things a little different. Since I don't have a car I couldn't go get Nick his present on my own, so Nick had to take me. As soon as he saw we were going to Walmart, he instantly thought that he was getting the scope for his gun that he has been wanting for a while. However, I knew I had to play with him first a little bit.

He was really confused when I walked left instead of heading straight back to the gun aisle. Instead I took him to the mens clothing aisle and pointed to an ugly pair of shorts and said, "find your size!" His face was classic. He looked so disappointed as he said... "These are nice shorts!" I started laughing and he was glad when I said that wasn't his present.

Next we went to the baby section and I found something that said I love my Daddy and as I held it up in front of him I exclaimed that I was pregnant!! At first he didn't believe me, but after repeating myself several times he thought I might actually be. Nobody is actually going to believe me when I am actually pregnant because I joke around about it all the time!

We continued on to several different areas of the store be fore we finally got to the gun section. I had Nick distracted looking at something, then left and grabbed his scope and brought it back to him. At first he didn't believe me because I had teased him so much already. Once he realized that that was in fact his present he was very excited.

Today we went up into the hills and went shooting so that he could try it out. Unfortunately it started raining shortly after we got there so we couldn't stay too long. On the way back I practiced driving Nicks car which is a stick shift. All our trucks in haiti are sticks, so I have to learn to drive them before we go. Since we were on logging roads I was able to practice stopping and going which is what I need the most work at. I did really well and think that I should have no problem when I am in Haiti!

Happy 24th Birthday Nicholas!!!

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