Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Missionary Health Insurance

Tonight Nick spent quite a bit of time looking up Missionary Health insurance. One problem that we have found is that a lot of companies don't insure people from Washington State for whatever reason. He did find a few that he liked, but we will have to keep looking. There are so many things to decide, like, would we rather pay less per month and have a higher deductible, or vise versa; or do we want to purchase "political evacuation" insurance; or insurance in case we get in a moto accident?

It also kind of sucks because it costs quite a bit more to insure me than it does Nick. We assume this is because I "could" get pregnant. The good news though is that it looks like it might be cheaper than what we had originally thought!

On another good note, someone turned in an application to sublet our apartment. We should be finding out any day whether or not they were approved. This would be amazing if they were as we are really wanting to leave ASAP. I have been debating the idea of not walking at graduation so that we could leave 2 weeks earlier. Haven't decided for sure, but that is what I am leaning towards!

3 more months!!


  1. finding the right missionary health insurance can be a struggle but finding the right plan is defiantly worth it. It really allowed me to do the work I always wanted without constantly worrying about outside factors

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