Monday, January 18, 2010

Another long day at the airport

All I have to say is that my head is spinning! Our plane didn't land within the 13 min time frame because apparently it is still broke down. The airline was lying to us the entire time when they kept saying that it was almost here. It wont be able to leave tomorrow either, but they are refunding us the money.

There are about 15 of us missionaries who have become friends and we have decided to all work together to get there. We have just booked tickets to Santiago in the Dominican Republic. We leave tonight at midnight and arrive there at 3 am. We now have two options from that point which we are trying to figure out.

A.) one of the missionaries we met knows people in Santiago. We are hoping that she can contact them and have them take us to the DR/Haiti airport. The mission that she works at in Haiti is near the boarder, so IF she can contact them, they will pick us all up there and take us to the Cap Haitien area. We will be able to meet Jamie on the way and go to COTP.

If this doesn't work, then

B.) we will take a public bus from Santiago to Haiti.

We are still trying to work it all out, but we will keep you updated! At this point we really want to be there!

Love you all,

Nick and Nikki

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