Thursday, January 14, 2010

COTP Affected by the earthquake

As I mentioned in previous posts, COTP was not affected directly by the earthquake that happened a few days ago. Everyone there is still fine and no reported damage to the buildings. We have been emailing back and forth with the volunteers who are there to try and keep updated on what they are experiencing.

All of their food, diesel, etc gets shipped in from Port Au Prince, which is where the earthquake happened. Since many markets and roads have been destroyed, they are expecting their cost of living to at least double if not more. They are also preparing for a large influx of babies due to this event. This will also add to their monthly spending. Right now they are in need of financial support. Jamie is in town today trying to stock up on as much stuff as they can.

They are already very short staffed, they only have 2 volunteers and they prefer to have 7. Pray that they are able to take care of all the children in this time of need. We'll keep you updated as we know more!

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