Sunday, January 31, 2010

We are back in the States!

We landed in Florida around 4 am (there is a 1 hour time change between the DR and here), and made it through US customs faster than I ever have before. Our flight from here isn’t scheduled to leave until tomorrow afternoon, we tried to get an earlier flight out, but everything is all full! When we were buying our DR tickets we were in such a rush that we bought our return tickets for a day to early, so that is why we had to spend one night in the DR and one night here. Oh well, it’s just money right!

After being told that we are stuck here, we spent an hour calling hotels and hostels trying to find the cheapest one. We settled on Motel 6 as most places were around 200 and that was only 75. We wanted to take a public bus, but it didn’t come for another two hours and it was a very roundabout way to get there. We finally ended up taking a taxi. Once we got to Motel 6, we ended up not staying there because we couldn’t check in for several hours and they had nowhere to go. We ended up walking to two other hotels and staying at the Best Western that we stayed at the first time. It was slightly more expensive, but since it has a free shuttle to the airport it will basically be a wash, plus it’s way nicer!

First we took advantage of the free breakfast, then we went to our room and took a long nap. Now we are trying to go to the beach or down town, but don’t want to pay for a taxi. There isn’t a great bus system around here so we will probably have to! It is really cloudy out today and is supposed to rain. Hopefully not though!

More later!

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