Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Roommate

Nick and I got a new roommate today. She was brought in by her mom this morning because they don’t have a house and she has no where to stay. She will stay here for about 3 months and then hopefully be able to return to her mom. She is one and is in relatively good health. We will try to fatten her up a little before she goes home. She has eaten really good today which is awesome!

She sits up really well on her own and is somewhat alert. I had cheerios in my hand and she was able to grab them from me and feed herself which is great. She can not crawl yet so we will have to work on that. She smiled to one of the other children here tonight which is a huge accomplishment. Before long she will be laughing! She has already started to talk and move more than she was this morning! Right now she is laying in my arms as I type, she is so cute!

She has a ton of hair, so after I gave her a bath, I put it in a fro and added a head band. She looks adorable, especially in her brand new onezy. I’ll have to hide her from the nannies though or they will re-braide her hair.

Another lady brought her daughter to us today, but will have to bring her back later because she didn’t have any of her documentation. We try to get a birth certificate and other documents incase the parents don’t return because that makes the adoption process way faster. Plus it’s nice to know a little bit about our kids.

Every night before bed Nick and I spend some time in the baby house and hold the children. Another one of the Batos is walking! When we were in the Lion room, the two boys were singing and doing the hand motions to Jesus loves me this I know! They are so cute!

The helicopter has yet to land, although we are still being told it is coming!

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