Sunday, January 17, 2010

Crazy lady equals good entertainment!!

There was a crazy lady on our flights from Portland to Houston and then on to Ft. Lauderdale. She caused trouble the entire time and was always making the flight attendants wait on her hand and foot. She freaked out because the guy in front of her had his reading light on and it was shining on her. When she was giving the option to move, she said that she was "too old to experiment with a bunch of seats."

Once we got to Houston, she took over the bathroom and was on her phone for the entire two hours. I listened to her while I was in there and she was talking about how she has been spending a lot of time at airports observing what was going on. She now knows that the air marshal's watch every move that we make and that they record it all. There is also a lot of eavesdropping that goes on. Apparently her original boarding pass was a scam. She was upset when I tried to get paper towels from the dispenser that she was standing by.

She waited to the last second to go to the ticket counter and tell them that she needed a boarding pass. When asked where hers was, she said that she had one but would not pull it out over her dead body. She also said that her luggage was too heavy for her to carry, which is ironic since she had carried it from the bathroom. We had to wait for her to board the plane, and once she did she was given the seat right next to me.

Luckily, the flight attendant whispered that it might be a long flight and that they were expecting trouble from her. He then offered us different seats, which happened to be the exit row, so we were happy. We talked to the flight attendant later and learned that they had heard about her in their break room and weren't expecting her on the flight. She constantly made them bring her food and drinks.

These are only a few of the things that she did in the 7 hours that we were with her. I kind of think she was doing it to see what she could get a way with. Our first two flights were good though!

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  1. wow!!! i do not understand some people - so selfish!! don't you just want to slap them and make them realize how fortunate they are!!