Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What a Life!

This morning I flew back to Haiti on an engineering firms private jet with a bunch of the top dogs from the company. The plane was amazing, by far the nicest plane I have ever been on and it was a once in a life time experience. There was a button that made my seat go forward, backward, and swivel around. The plane was gorgeous! They had donated it to help agape bring some supplies into Haiti.

The plane wasn’t even supposed to land in Cap, but it stopped there just to drop me off before continuing on to Port. Nick was there waiting for me when I got in! He was proud of himself because he made it all the way to the airport by himself without getting lost! We flew over the Bahamas and other Caribbean islands which were beautiful.
I also got to see Agape’s hanger which was full of supplies to send down. Everyone there was very nice and it was interesting to see how their organization works.

It was really nice to be back in Haiti! The lions were happy to see me and were really silly today. They were running around giving each other and me hugs and kisses and playing tag. Then we all swung on the tire swing for a while. They were so cute, they sang the entire time they were on it. I put one of the alligator boys (around 2 years old) on the tire swing. When he wanted off I set him down and didn't even think about him being dizzy until he fell over. I picked up and he fell right back over again! It was awesome!!

I had some one on one time today with one of the Lion girls. We played with playdoh and she loved it!

So much has happened while I have been gone. They took in two more kids yesterday. One has Hydrochepulus worse than COTP has ever seen before. This is when fluid gets in their head and cant drain and so it swells up huge. Jamie told the mother that we could not care for this boy and that it would be best for him to die in his own home. The mother handed him to someone and ran out the gate before we could stop her, so now we have her son and don’t even know his name. The other little boy we took in is very skinny and malnourished. He was brought in by cousins because his mother is unable to care for him.

Nick and I are covered in mosquito bites. Nick has been swelling up pretty bad form them, and has had to take Benadryl several times. We aren’t on any malaria medicines because we left too quickly and didn’t have time to go to the doctors to get a prescription. We are praying that we don’t get malaria.

Three more kids went home today. They were all going to Canada. We are up to 15 that have left which is awesome!

Love ya all!

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