Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Who would have thought?

This afternoon I was picked up by a couple that volunteers at Agape 4 days a week. They are the typical Floridian resident, retired, but they are so amazing! We went out to the pier which was beautiful. All night they have been complaining about how annoying the snow birds are, but its ironic because they aren’t even from here either. She is from England, but has lived all over the world and done some amazing stuff.

Her dad was in the Royal Airforce and was stationed in Kenya for 8 years while she was young. Among many other things, she has also spent 7 years working in orphanages in Romania. It was awesome to hear some of her stories about the kids and relate them to experiences I have had working abroad. She told me about getting arrested for feeding street kids, all the different ways she bribed people to get what she wanted (it’s common in other countries), and different laws she has had to break to protect these children.

The first time she met Mother Teresa she was having a bad day and Mother Teresa gave her some great advice. She passed this advice onto me saying that it would help with my work abroad. She has also told me about some of the crazy stuff her daughter has done like buying a bike and going on a 3 month ride all across Europe or kayaking through Australia.

I found myself saying many times today that I wish she were my age so that I could go on some crazy adventures with her. I hope that when Nick and I are her age we will be as happy about our lives as she is. She has taken advantage of every opportunity that has arisen and has some crazy stories to tell about it. This couple is so spontaneous and still go on amazing trips; they definitely don’t let their age slow them down! We had some great conversations tonight about politics and so many interesting issues. It’s awesome because we all agreed on everything! I’m gonna be kind of sad to leave them tomorrow! She has a lot of great English phrases and keeps calling me Love and Dear! It's great, I've always wanted a cool accent!

Who would have thought that I would randomly be put with such cool people. I can’t believe how much I have grown recently. If 2 years ago you asked me to spend the night at some random persons house that I never knew on the other side of the country, I would have freaked out. I wasn’t even the slightest bit nervous today and am doing way more than I ever would have in the past. I have learned that I can’t be afraid of the world and just have to take advantage of whatever comes my way.

I leave tomorrow around 9-9:30. The pilot actually called and talked to me several times today. How often does the pilot call the passengers to make sure they know the flight plan and that they have a place to stay for the night?!?!Hopefully I will be in Haiti by early afternoon, but I am not sure! You can never be sure when it comes to Haiti!

Agape has been amazing and has helped us and our children out so much lately. They legally can’t carry passengers, but they have been transporting us all week. The president told me I have to act like a box though!! (they ship supplies to missions on the ground in haiti). This past week, they have shipped more stuff to Haiti then they had in the previous 12 months, over 120,000 lbs, and the support keeps coming in. I now have a great connection with agape, and this couple wants me to email them directly any time I or COTP needs anything! They are the ones who always bring us our mail and packages, so if you ship anything to us it'll go on one of their flights! All the pilots and planes are donated by volunteers which is amazing! It's a great organization!

Can’t wait to be back in Haiti!

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