Sunday, January 31, 2010

What a difference!

Santiago is so much different than Haiti it’s amazing. I felt like I was in San Francisco, with the big hills, tall monuments, and even an orange suspension bridge! Everyone dressed so nice, we were definitely way underdressed. The women wore very scandalous clothes which is a huge difference from Haiti where you have to wear pants in town.

We had an awesome afternoon there! We walked up to the only Monument in the city, which was on the highest point and was several stories tall! There were some crazy stuff in there, but I’m sure if we knew the Dominican’s history it would make more sense. There were some awesome costumes that we assume must be for mardi gras or something. Pics below!

Next we went out to an awesome dinner. I had stuffed chicken which was kind of like chicken cour don blue, but way better, and nick has sea bass. We missed converted the difference between pesos and dollars, so the meal was more expensive than we thought, but it was still really good. Initially we wanted to convert the money the same as Mexican pesos, but quickly learned that was not right!

We enjoyed our overly priced hotel for the whole 4 hours we had it. When we checked out at 2 am, we were hoping that it would be a lot cheaper than we were originally quoted. When we got there I said that we wanted the cheapest room available and they put us into the Deluxe Plus room. However it had not been cleaned so we were downgraded to a standard room which was fine by us because we wanted to save money. There was a clear difference in quality between the two rooms. The light didn’t even work in the second bathroom, so we had to shower with the door open in order to see.

Apparently management doesn’t think there is a big difference in the quality of room because the standard is only $3 cheaper than the Deluxe Plus. We argued with them for a while, but they would not give it to us for any cheaper.
Flight to Florida was fine, we both slept for most of it!

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