Thursday, January 14, 2010

Going to Haiti Early

Hey everyone,

The past few days Nick and I have been discussing whether or not we should go to Haiti to help with post earthquake issues. We really wanted to but weren't sure if we were going to be able to afford it. Then this morning we received an email from Jamie and Jenny saying that they really needed our help and if there was any way we could come down they could really use us. We had been praying for the door to either open or close, and we see this as the door opening.

I have emailed all of my professors, manager, and field supervisors to make sure that it was ok for me to miss work/school/internship. I am very fortunate to have professors that encourage these activities. Some are even pushing back due dates for me so that I dont have to worry about homework while there (I made a VERY long list of all the homework assignments that I will have due between now and the time I get back; not sure how I'm gonna have time to do it all, but it'll work out). Nicks boss is also very great and encouraged this greatly.

So heres our plan. Tomorrow (Friday) after we both get off work, we will drive down to Vancouver. We then depart pdx Saturday night at midnight and arrive in Cap Haitien at 4ish Sunday night. We will stay there for two weeks and will be home on the 1st of February.

Most of the clothes we are taking down we will leave there. One of Nicks coworkers gave us a gift card to Costco and my aunt Dana gave us money to purchase food to take down. COTP is out of granola bars, crackers, oatmeal, etc. so we are taking down a suitcase full of that stuff.

Tonight has been very hectic as we have been trying to pack all of our stuff, get our passports ready, email Jamie and Jenny to verify itineraries, talking to the Finance Director to discuss wiring of funds, going over everything with my friends Kate and Laura who are watching the cats and house while we are gone and trying to do as much homework as possible. On top of this, Nick has to get up at 2 in the morning to go into work. We are hoping that we get everything done and dont forget anything.

We are extremely excited to go, but we just wish that we didn't have to come back so soon!

Please pray for our health and safety while we are there. Pray that we are able to help make a difference while we are there and that it will be a great experience to learn about what our lives will be like when we live there full time!

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