Saturday, January 2, 2010

COTP Needs

COTP's biggest need in running a care facility of this size is always monetary. However, we also rely on the donations of others for items we cannot buy here in Haiti. If you are interested in sending "stuff" to Haiti, here are some ideas for you.

Current Needs:
*Size 12 month, 2T, and 3T boys shorts
*Boys rompers for 12 month and up
*Black Sharpies for labeling bins
*Plastic Crib pad covers (the kind that zip)
*Nutrigrain bars for special needs kids snack
*Ziploc bags
*A set of tupperware (something that is easy to store and doesn't take up too much space on a shelf)

Ongoing Needs:
*Snacks for kids: cereal, granola bars, fruit snacks, crackers, etc. (Gerber Graduates are great snacks for younger kids)
*Diapers: especially sizes newborn, 1, and 2
*Baby Wipes
*Baby Wash and Lotion
*Clorox Wipes
*Antibacterial hand soap
*Baby Food: veggies for meals, fruits for snack
*Soy Formula
*Rice Cereal

Preschool Supplies:
*Googly Eyes
*Popsicle sticks
*Any other art supplies
*Baby dolls with accessories
*Board books
*Bins for storing toys and supplies

Larger Items: (possible fundraiser ideas)
*New Dishwasher
*Color Printer (with lots of ink:)

If you are interested in sending clothing, please carefully consider our needs here. It is warm most of the time, so please send summer clothes. We do not need socks, hats, or swimwear at this time. We will gladly accept gently used clothing, but please do not send anything that is not in good shape. We have some need for nicer clothes, but play clothes are our biggest need.

It is greatly appreciated if you ship your items in plastic bins we can use for storage. Also, it cost $1.25 to ship packages from Florida to Haiti. If you are willing to donate to the cost of shipping, that would be greatly appreciated. Checks can be sent to:Children of the Promise, PO Box 97, Prinsburg, MN 56281

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