Friday, January 29, 2010

My little Princess!

The little girl in our room has been doing great today! She has eaten a ton, smiles, laughed a little, crawled a little, and even put pressure on her legs! She is turning into such a sweet heart! A little bit ago she even waved to me. She definitely thinks she is a princess and I love it! I took her over to the baby house today and all the nannies in the boat room kept asking when they would get her. They can’t wait for her to come and they want to braid her hair

She has been talking a little, right now she keeps saying da-da-da. She just rolled herself onto her side, which is the first time I have seen her do that! Currently she keeps putting her foot on my computer trying to help me type! I am going to be sad to leave her tomorrow, but I know she will be taken care of. She will probably be gone by time we get back, but that will be ok!

We took in another little boy today who is 2 and weighs only 15lbs. He is very tiny and looks really sick. His hair is orange which is a sign of malnutrition. We have put him on medika mamba, which looks and smells like liquidy peanut butter. He just needs to eat a little bit of this and it’ll give them his daily amount of nutrients. It is designed specifically for malnourished children.

Whenever we leave the bato room, all the kids blow kisses at us. It is so cute. I told the Lions today that we were going home and they were really sad. One of the boys is so ready to go home to his mommy and daddy and ask all the time when he gets to leave. He is one of my favorites here, and when I told him I was leaving he had a hard time even looking at me because he was so sad. They all gave us hugs and kisses before we left which was so cute! Most of these kids (hopefully) will be gone by time we get back. This is a bitter sweet thing because we love these kids and want to see them again, but we also want them to go home to their mommy and daddy.

We leave tomorrow at 6:30 am to start our 3 day journey back to Bellingham. I am not sure how often we will have internet, but I will update as much as possible. Everyone one wanted us to stay another week. They even had a flight on the corporate jet lined up for us next Saturday to fly more kids to the States, but I didn’t feel like I could afford to miss any more school. Nick and I discussed it a lot, but I have a lot of papers due next week and some presentations coming up. I couldn’t bring my books because they weighed too much to bring on the plane, so I haven’t been able to keep up with my school work. I am going to have so much when I get home. I cant wait to be back here and hope that July comes soon!!



  1. What a great experience you have both had. We can't wait for you to get home safe and sound. Yes, July will be here before you know it, sad for your mom but great for you. I am looking forward to your phone call letting me know you are back in the states. Love you both.


  2. nikki! this is amazing. i can't believe that poor two year old boy - he weighed less than robert!!!!!! i'll try my best to help you catch up!!