Saturday, June 19, 2010

1 pound

1 pound isn't very much.  It's half a brick of cheese or a 12 oz water bottle.  These things you expect to be light weight, but not a baby.  We currently have a baby that weighs 1 pound 13 oz.  She is so cute and precious.  She was born 2 months early, and the doctors told her Mom to bring her here because we could take care of her.  She is about 20 days old.  If there were a 1 pound baby born in the US, they would be put into an incubator with a ton of cords connected to them.  Here, we don't do that.  The baby is sleeping in an icolet (the plastic crib type things that they have at hospitals) in a volunteers room.

Her bottle is tiny, looks like the size of a dolls bottle, but she does a good job sucking and is eating well.  She is realitively healthy and from what we can tell at this point, doesn't have anything the matter with her except size.  We have to wash our hands every time we hold her and keep her away from the other children because she is much to small to get sick.

We have some pictures up on our picture blog.  This can be accessed by clicking the "Haiti Picture" link at the top of this page.  If you don't have the password to this please email us and we can give it to you...


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