Sunday, June 6, 2010

500+ LBS

We just spent the past 5.5 hours packing all of our stuff for Haiti!  We have over 500 lbs of stuff to ship and we still have people who are supposed to be bringing more donations to us with in the next few days!  We will probably have between 550-600 pounds once we get everything!  At approximately $3 a pound that adds up pretty quickly!  I would say that less than 100 pounds of this is our personal stuff, and the rest is items to donate.  We have bought a ton of games and educational toys for the preschool and people have donated a lot of blankets, clothes, and diapers!!

With any luck, this stuff should arrive in Haiti the same day as we do.  If not than hopefully it will be there the following week (we get all our mail every Wednesday)!!  It feels good to have this crossed off our list and be one step closer to being in Haiti!!  We are going to take it all to the post office tomorrow to ship out!  Hopefully none of the boxes break or get lost!  So ready to just be there!!




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