Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Birthday Celebrations!!

Last year on my birthday I was in Kenya teaching English and Math to Fourth Graders!  This year I was in Haiti playing with precious babies!  Life can't get much better than that!!

I had a really great birthday!!  A few of the short term volunteers here made me a birthday cake and Jenny made Chicken Alfredo as a special treat for dinner!  It was really good!!  Afterwards, I got to open gifts, which were all wrapped in toilet paper, as Haitian tradition would have it!!!  All the presents were really random stuff from Haiti!  I got a few local souvenirs which are really cute!  In my bag was also a plastic cockroach (which will be fun to hide for when people come down), a bag of Haitian cheetos, some sweet tinted glasses, a head band, and other stuff!!

(notice the plastic cockroach in my hand!!!)


  1. You look awesome with your new shades.There just what you needed. Hope Nick is feeling better. Were off to camping this weekend. So will catch up on Monday.


  2. good to know about that cockroach!