Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2 hours!!!

In two hours we will be at the Portland airport and on our way to Haiti!!

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  1. We'll your well on your way and I am really sad. This has been the worst day for me in along time, probably since I dropped you off for college in Bellingham. I guess it will get easier with each passing day, at least I hope. I already miss you and you just left. A year is along time. Hopefully I don't have to endure any longer than a year. You dont know how hard it is as a mom to not see your kids for that long. I didn't want to have a daughter so she would go clear across the country and not get to be a part of her life. But I guess you dont always get to pick how you want life to be. We will continue to pray for a safe trip and hope you have time to update your blog often. Love you - Mother Goose