Friday, June 4, 2010

Moved out!

Yesterday we moved out of our apartment and are now living at Nicks parents house for the next few days.  The past week has included a lot of packing, cleaning and unpacking.  It seemed like every time we packed something we would end up needing it and have to unpack it.  I guess that's the hardest part about doing it a little bit at a time rather than all at once.  We still have a load of stuff that needs to be moved down, but my Dad will put that all in his trailer next weekend when we are back in Bellingham for graduation.  It will feel so nice just to be done with it all.  Our load last night was so large that I had a box at my feet and couldn't put my feet on the ground, and a large bag on my lap.  Lets just say it wasn't the most comfortable ride ever.

It's kinda sad for me to leave Bellingham, it has really become home for me over the past 3 years we have been living there.  I feel like I have grown so much while there and it's weird to be leaving it all behind.  Bellingham is one of the prettiest places I have ever been.  There were so many great places to go hiking and backpacking.  We are both really going to miss that!  We are also going to miss the friends that we have made while there.

An update on Larry, I talked to my professor the other day and she informed me that Larry Bob is doing good.  She has already taken over the house and is beginning to feel at home.  This made me feel a lot better because Larry doesn't transition well and I was afraid she might have a hard time.  Sounds like she is being spoiled though which is good!  I haven't gotten an update on Theo but he can go anywhere and be fine, so I know he's doing good!  He is probably driving them nuts by biting their toes bright and early, or trying to crawl onto their shoulders to hang out.  I'll probably email them before we leave to see how he is doing!

These next few days will be our "summer vacation," not that it's going to be much of a vacation because we have so much to do in the next 10 short days.  The reality that we are leaving soon is slowly starting to sink in.  We have been waiting for this for 9 months and it's just around the corner.  It still seems unreal.  Nick and I are SO excited to go, we wish we were leaving today!

Off to surprise my Mom at work, she doesn't know I am down this early!!

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