Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This is Home

After about 30 hours of traveling, we are finally at Children of the Promise.  Arriving in Port Au Prince was an experience.  We were ushered into a shack, which is where we went through customs.  We were never asked to show proof of our return, but other long term volunteers said they have been cracking down on this recently.  They all did what we did too.  From there we found a taxi to take us from the International airport to the Domestic airport.  We had so much luggage that the trunk couldn't even close.  No big deal though, we just piled it all on top and drove the 2 miles to the next place.  Luckily none fell out, but it was a sight to be seen.  I wanted to take a picture of it, but everything was removed before I got out of the taxi.

Our confirmation page for our Pap to Cap flight said that we left at 11, but when we checked in we were told that it wouldn't leave until 12-12:30.  We didn't actually leave until closer to 1, so Rikens and Amy had to wait at the Cap airport for us for several hours.  That flight was only 30 mins though which wasn't to bad.

There are already a few cultural things that we have picked up on here.  One being that  before every flight that Tortug takes (and let me remind you that each flight is only 30 mins long), they have to inspect the plane, which involves someone crawling on top of it.  Not really sure what this is for, but we saw this happen a lot today.

It feels really good to finally be back.  It doesn't really feel like we have left, we feel really comfortable here.  Things are really quite.  When we were here in January the airport was overflowing with helicopters, planes, and missionaries.  Today there was only our plane which carried about 8 of us.

There are only 8 children here that were here last time.  That means learning all new names!  All the kids are so young.  Our first time here a lot of the children were 4-5 years old.  Now, all the children are under the age f 3, most under 1.  We currently have 32 children in our care.  Yesterday they took in a 1 lb 13 oz baby that is unreal looking.  I will post more on that later, but she is super cute.

We have been taking today super easy because we are exhausted.  It will be a much more productive day tomorrow!


  1. Awesome! So glad you made it "home"! Looking forward to many updates to come. Hope it is a restful night for you.

  2. I had a good laugh about the plane inspections.....can't imagine someone crawling around on top - looking serious... :-)

  3. i just got a 2 lb bag of rice, can't imagine a baby that is lighter than that!!!