Thursday, June 24, 2010

In Haiti, but not in Haiti

It's been a week since we have moved to Haiti, and we are in Haiti, but NOT in Haiti.

Physically yes, we are in Haiti, but we are very secluded, we have our own little piece of paradise here comparatively!  It is pouring in Haiti right now, and as I sit in my dry warm house, writing on my computer, I can't help put think about the million plus Haitians that are still living in tent cities in the Port au Prince and Jacmel areas.  They are getting wet, having mud flow into their tents and ruining the handful of items they own.  They will go to bed tonight on a wet mattress, if they are lucky enough to own one.  If not, they will sleep in the mud.

I then think about our nannies, many of whom have leaky houses.  But they don't have time to think about that.  Instead, they change poopy diapers and sign to smiling faces, trying to earn enough money so that they can feed their children tomorrow.

Being here is a daily reminder that people face trials on an everyday basis.  Last night in bible study we discussed James and how these trials bring us closer to God and give us a fuller life.  The verses we read are really becoming more and more clear to me today.  Our nannies thank God every day for the most basic items, for food, clothes, and shoes.  I would never think to thank God for my shoes because I have 10+ pairs, and it's something that everyone has, right?  Well, if you have ever gone with out them, then you would be thankful if God provided these to you.  I'm trying to understand this culture, but realize that I will never fully know what it is like to be Haitian.


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